Overview:External Applicator

Applicator Selection

Types of Bluebe - External applicator -

External applicator

External applicator
  1. Micro droplets of lubricant are supplied through nozzles outside the cutting tool.
  2. A coaxial tube is used to mix lubricant and air at the tip of the nozzle.
  3. A stable supply of droplets of lubricant can be achieved with precise on/off response.
  4. An applicator can be retrofitted easily to equipment already in use.
  5. The amount of air and lubricant can be controlled individually (except for the model BK).

Applicable equipment


Lathes (NC or conventional)・NC milling machines (without ATC)・Drilling machines・Radial drilling machines・Hobbing machines・Broaching machines・Rolling machines・Circular saws・Band saws・Stamps etc.


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