Overview:Internal Applicator

Applicator Selection

Types of EcoBooster - Internal applicator -

Internal applicator

External applicator
  1. Micro droplets of lubricant are generated in the chamber and fed into the machine through existing piping or coolant lines.
  2. Drills with oil hole and/or taps with oil hole can be used with through-spindle or a side-through arbor.
  3. The internal applicator is used for machining operations which cannot be carried out by the external applicator.
  4. The internal applicator has to be selected for turret-type NC lathes since the cutting point moves and the turret rotates.
  5. The internal applicator has to be selected for the Machining Center since the length and/or diameter of the tool is changed by the ATC operation. In such a case, an external applicator cannot follow the change in the cutting position with a nozzle.
    However, an external applicator may be applicable to the die and mold machining using an end mill with a fixed length only.

Applicable equipment


NC lathes, Automatic lathes, Machining Centers (through-spindle coolant type), and dedicated machines

Internal applicator
Through-the-tool Micro Lubrication System makes NEAR DRY MACHINING(NDM) A reality in CNC machining.

The EcoBooster from FBC offers a solution to traditional mist applicators that have limitations when used in machining centers with automatic tool changers and CNC lathes. The EcoBooster is specifically designed to eliminate flood coolants on machines with through-the tool coolant system, tool holders with coolant supply, and oil hole tools.

A few milliliter per day of Bluebe/Accu-Lube lubricant eliminates hundreds of liters of traditional flood coolant. The EcoBooster atomizes the Bluebe/Accu-Lube lubricant into micro-droplets, that travel near sonic velocity to the cutting edge without adhering to the machine’s through-the tool coolant system. The lubricant is delivered precisely to the cutting edge eliminating wasted or excess lubricant.

EcoBooster Mechanism

What is a difference ?

Model EB3 vs EB7

EB3 delivers steady amount of atomized droplets.
Dispense amount on EB7 is proportional to air flow rate.

Between BASIC, P and EP series?

BASIC series : EB3
Recommended specially for the operation using a similar kind of tools.

P series : EB3P and EB7P
Recommended for the operation using many kinds of tools.

EP series : EB3EP and EB7EP
For the machine tool maker only.



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